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Find The Correct Telephone Number For Your Enquiry

Sky Customer Services Telephone NumbersUse the following telephone numbers to contact Sky.

All calls to the Sky call centre are free if you have a SkyTalk bundle. For other providers, check your tariff. Usually calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers.

Use the call centre for all your needs including upgrades, cancellations, signal issues, and engineering appointments. Your online account also has many of these functions.

Sky also has an online chat service, although you’ll receive a better response by telephone.

Sky Main Customer Services Numbers

Although Sky don’t usually promote a freephone number, one does exist. Use the following for general contact.

Most Common Telephone Numbers

Description Direct number
Sky Freephone customer services 0800 151 2747
Alternative free telephone number 0844 800 0040
Main 0344 number 03442 411 653
Alternative Lo-call number 0843 504 7160
Sky Bereavement support 0333 202 0912
Cancel your Sky subscription 03332 022 135

TV Bundles

General Help and Guidance – 03442 411 653

Contact Customer Services on 03442 411 653 for general queries with your service. We offer help with as no satellite signal, remote control problems, On-Demand issues, or recordings and Planner problems.

Downgrading TV Packages – 0344 241 0266

You can make changes to your current bundles online or call 0344 241 0266 to discuss your requirements.

Cancelling TV Packages – 03332 022 135

To cancel or remove bundles from your subscription you need to call us on 03332 022 135 or undertake an online chat session. You should not cancel your direct debit instruction to your bank. Once cancelled, you’ll receive calls from 01322 387201 which is the “Save a Customer” Department.

Resheduling Engineering Appointments – 03442 414141

To change or cancel an installation or upgrade, please contact us on 03442 414141 or log into your online account.

Sky Broadband and Talk

General Broadband Issues – 03442 411 653

Get help with fixing connection problems, connecting to your Wi-Fi router or setting up your Sky Hub on 03442 411 653.

Wi-Fi – 03442 411 653

Need assistance with Wi-Fi hotspots, the App or something else? Call 03442 411 653 now.

Email – 03442 411 653

If you’re having problems with your Sky/ Yahoo email account, then phone us on 03442 411 653 for help.

Get Sky Broadband – 08442 411 653

If you’re looking to subscribe to any of our broadband services, then 08442 411 653 is the correct number to dial.

Cancel Your Broadband Services – 03332 022 135

If you’re thinking of leaving us, then please call this number: 03332 022 135.

Cancel Sky Talk – 03332 022 135

To cancel your Talk package call us on 03332 022 135 or open a chat window from your online account.

Moving Home 03332 00 8000

To take broadband with you to your new home, please schedule a transfer by calling 03332 00 8000.