Sky Talk Offers

Never Pay for a Telephone Call Again!

Sky Talk Bundles in addition to line rentalThe new Sky Talk Extra packages offer exceptional savings on line rental as well as unlimited landline calls within the UK together with their free-time package.

There’s also a Sky Talk Unlimited plan for free calls during the day with heavily discounted prices to a range of international countries.

Get unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles for just £4/ month

Current Talk Offers

Bundle Type Description Price/ Mth
Talk Anytime Extra including cheaper calls to mobiles and international numbers

Sky Talk Anytime Extra

Unlimited free calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles. 2p per minute to 22 international destinations including USA and Canada.

Talk Anytime Extra
Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends for free calls up to 60 minutes in length

Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra

Unlimited free calls during the evenings and weekends to any UK landline or UK mobile phone. Includes access to 0845 and 0870 numbers.

Talk Evenings and Weekends
Sky Talk International with free calls to 50 overseas countries

Sky Talk International

Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines, mobiles, and 50 international countries.

Sky Talk International

Sky Talk Unlimited Details

With Sky Talk Unlimited, you get unlimited UK landline calls 24 hours a day seven days a week plus free unlimited calls to 22 international countries. These include USA and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. You also get 100% unlimited calls to mobile phones in the USA and Canada!

If you choose the free-time Sky Talk option, then daytime calls cost just 5.25p per minute with calls to Freephone numbers still free of charge.

Caller Display

Unlike some competitors, you receive automatic caller display included at no additional cost. You’ll see the number of the caller on your handset before you answer.

Withhold Your Number

You can request that your telephone number never gets displayed when making outgoing calls.

Competitor Comparison Tables

Here’s how SkyTalk stacks up against the competition.

Talk Anytime Table

Provider Line Rental Plan Cost Mobile Calls
BT £18.99 £8.99 8.0p/min
Plusnet £18.99 £8.00 Included
TalkTalk £18.95 £10.00 13.5p/min
Sky £18.99 £8.00 Included

Sky’s service includes calls to 22 international countries at 2p per minute. All other competitors charge standard international fees to all countries.

Talk Evenings and Weekends Table

Provider Line Rental Plan Cost Mobile Calls
BT £18.99 £3.80 16.0p/min
Plusnet £18.99 £4.00 Included
TalkTalk £18.95 £0 13.5p/min
Sky £18.99 £4.00 Included

Notes for all Talk Plans

  • Chargeable mobile or landline calls incur connection charges from Sky (19p), BT (21p), Plusnet (21p), and TalkTalk (20p).
  • Evening call times are from 7pm to 7am.
  • Sky charges to call mobiles outside your plan at 19.35p/ minute plus a 19p connection fee.
  • Free calls on all plans only last 60 minutes without charge. Redial before 60 minutes to avoid standard charges.