Sky Broadband Offers

Get Super-Fast Fibre or Stand-Alone Broadband from Sky

Sky Unlimited Standard Broadband and Fibre OffersIf you’re looking for a reliable super-fast broadband service, then consider switching with Sky.

You don’t need a TV subscription as it’s a stand-alone product. Standard download speeds are up to 17 MB, with the Fibre service offering up to 38 MB.

All prices now include line rental as standard.

Current Broadband Offers

Bundle Type Description Price/ Mth
Sky Broadband Unlimited bundle

Broadband Unlimited

Completely free unlimited broadband with download speeds of up to 17 Mbps with line rental included. No need to be a Sky TV subscriber.

Sky Broadband Unlimited
Standard Sky Fibre Package with usage cap

Hi-Speed Fibre

18 Months Sky Fibre with up to 38 Mbps download speeds with unlimited usage. Line rental included.

Sky Fibre
Sky Fibre Unlimited with no usage cap

Fibre Max

Totally unlimited super-fast fibre speeds of up to 76Mbps. No download limits apply.

Sky Fibre Unlimited

Note: Maximim download speeds shown. Average speeds are less than these numbers.

With each package, you receive reliable download speeds depending on where you live in relation to your local exchange. You’ll receive unlimited usage on all packages. All internet packages receive a free Sky Wireless Router valued at £50, 24/7 technical support and a trial of the McAfee Internet Security Suite.

Sky TV and Broadband Bundles

You can just take Sky Broadband on its own for £20 per month for the standard service. The Sky TV starter package is just £20, so why not check them all out now and see what’s best for you.

You’ll need to take out a broadband subscription for at least 12 months and have options to include this with Sky Talk. If you’re outside of the coverage area, you can subscribe to Sky Broadband connect at a slightly higher price.

What Do You Get with Your Broadband Package?

Switching to Sky entitles you to a reliable internet connection as well as the following included at no additional cost.

1) Internet Safety Shield

The broadband safety shield helps you manage the type of content accessed in your home. It’s easy to set up based on a rating system similar to those used by film producers. You can even block specific websites if required.

2) The Sky Q Hub

Every home needs a wireless router to connect to the internet and the Sky Hub is your gateway using these services. The standard Hub offers 2.4GHz wireless and 100Mbps Ethernet wired connection to up to 16 devices at once.

3) Sky Wi-Fi

Get access to over 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots when you’re on the move. Use the Sky Wi-Fi app to connect to the Cloud hotspots in minutes. Locations include Pizza Express, EAT, Pret, Cafe Nero, and Wagamama.

4) UK Based Tech Team

The Sky Technology Team are on hand to help with any difficulties you may face. Based in Leeds, they’ll help you switch provider, set-up your router, or help with connection speeds.

Bundle Enhancements

Most phone users required call packages to keep costs to a minimum. Sky provide three types of call packages under the SkyTalk brand. These include unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines with discounted calls to international numbers.